What Would You Change?

Introducing WhatWouldYouChange.ca!

Get ready to ignite a wave of transformation and make your voice heard!

Our mission is to empower the masses and inspire change in every corner of society. We invite individuals from all walks of life: employees of renowned companies, devoted members of influential organizations, and loyal customers of beloved stores and brands. Together, we'll revolutionize the way organizations operate!

Imagine the Power to Shape the Future

At WhatWouldYouChange.ca, we give you the platform to express your opinions anonymously. No fear, no constraints, just your genuine thoughts on how to create an exceptional environment.

The Catalyst for Change

Once your invaluable submissions are gathered, we compile a comprehensive report that encapsulates the collective wisdom of the crowd. This report is not merely a document; it's a catalyst for change! We ensure it reaches the desks of decision-makers, illuminating their path towards progress and improvement.

Join the Movement

Together, we'll unleash a tidal wave of transformation today and become an agent of positive change!


If you have received a CHANGE CODE from a friend, colleague or associate and would like to contribute to their Movement, have your code ready and click JOIN A MOVEMENT button below.


If however, you would like to start a "new" movement then simply click START A MOVEMENT button below.

Note, you will be required to provide some details on name of your organization, as well as an address where we can send the report. This report will come directly from us and you will be absoluitely annamous, unless you choose to add personal identifiers, even then, you may not be included in the final report.

Once we have enough participant information, we will use current AI technology to generate a detaied report. The report will be sent directly to your organization free of charge.  If you would like a copy of the report you can reach us at wwycreport@auxiliumgroup.com

Good luck, be mindful and respectful. Offesive terms and opinions will be removed.



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